While Eve Span

Saturday, February 3, 2018
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (ET)
GIAC GIAC 201 Swan Multi-Purpose Room
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Sullivan, Walter H
President's Office

When Eve Span
Friday, February 2
1 - 5pm
WCC 205C

Saturday, February 3
9am - 5pm
Sunday, February 4
9am – 3pm
GIAC Swan Multi-Purpose Room

Participants invited for the whole time or in half day blocks.
To register contact:  wsulliva@haverford,edu

Mark O'Brien's seminal work on the English peasant uprising of 1381 (When Adam Delved And Eve Span) will be the raw material for a movement theater workshop in which the author, Friend in Residence Mary Tuomanen, theatre director John Cresswell (UK) performer Colin Leggo (UK) and Urban Studies professor Andew Lamas (UPenn) experiment with ways to represent this vital story of revolution onstage. In these early workshops, collaborators and students will brainstorm ways to this story to life. Can a distant time can be made visceral for an audience? How might these events resonate with our current state of political unrest and rampant economic inequality? 

Mark O'Brien's WHEN ADAM DELVED AND EVE SPAN is a new introductory history of the inspirational English peasant rising of 1381. Against the backdrop of fourteenth-century England including the daily struggle of peasants for food and justice, and the devastation wrought by the Black Death the book recounts the events of the Peasants' Revolt, both in London and in the regions. The book conveys the breathtaking speed of the revolt and brings rebel leaders such as Wat Tyler and John Ball to life. O'Brien combines a well-grounded historical setting with an account of the events that deliberately stresses the excitement of the rising."

This creative collaborative will be meeting for the first time at Haverford College. Community members are invited to help envision, map out, and explore prospective scenes for a future full length play.  

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