Cornell Institute for Public Affairs

Tuesday, September 18, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM (ET)
DC DC Foyer
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Workshop/Information Session
Abkairova, Dina
Career Services

Cornell MPA website can be found here:  Cornell offers a two-year, interdisciplinary MPA with eight concentration areas:

            1. Economic and Financial Policy
            2. Environmental Policy
            3. Government, Politics and Policy Studies
            4. Human Rights and Social Justice
            5. International Development Studies
            6. Public and Nonprofit Management
            7. Science, Technology and Infrastructure Policy
            8. Social Policy (including education policy and health policy)

There are a number of experiential learning opportunities, including an off-campus study program with a full-time externship (Washington DC, NYC, and Albany), a robust summer internship program, an introductory consulting course and second-year Capstone program that puts students to work with clients around the world, and numerous other in-class, real-world engagements. 

Because of the many hands-on learning opportunities that Cornell has, they are able to accept students directly out of undergrad and help them build a credible portfolio of work (and a corresponding résumé that reflects their experience) during their studies there. Their program-specific Career Management office provides support to students as they’re applying for internships and externships and when they move on to the prospect of job-hunting. Their employment outcomes reflect the preparation that their students receive while they’re at Cornell.

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