Teatro migrante

Monday, April 15, 2019
1:30 PM - 4:00 PM (ET)
DC DC 003 Blackbox Theatre
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Distinguished Visitors-Spanish

Distinguished Visitor Christian Nieves-Santiago, theater director, actor and educator

Christian Nieves-Santiago is a Puerto Rican theater director and actor, specialized in actor’s dramaturgy, community based productions, clown, and queer performance. He has directed several theater productions, most recently, “Los Condenados,” which was presented in Cuba, and “Caribe Bestial,” which was presented in New York and in Puerto Rico. Both productions are set in the context of the massive Puerto Rican migration after the austerity measures implemented by Financial Oversight and Management Board (PROMESA), and Hurricane María. In his work, Christian addresses topics such as migration, labor, and creativity, and works closely with his actors in a collaborative script writing process. As an actor, Christian has been part of several theater groups in his native Puerto Rico and in Argentina. His work with the group Teatro La Horrorosa, informally  known as “Teatro Migrante,” due to the migratory condition of most of the actors, was distinguished to be of “Cultural Interest” by the city of Buenos Aires. He has performed in films such as “Che el Argentino,” (as “Oñate Cantinflas”), directed by Benicio Del Toro and Steven Soderbergh. An overarching aspect of his work is the exploration of experiences that resist easy classifications in the context of intra-Latin American cultural exchanges. 

Teatro migrante

At Haverford, Christian will be performing and talking about his creative process with students and faculty. First, he will perform his character “Weil Rata Leptospirosa,” a rat who profits from the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. His second performance will embody Caíllo Cruz, a clown who is perhaps an alter ego of his creator, a clumsy, day-dreamer drifter who will migrate anywhere and take on any random job, as long as he can do theater.  This will be followed by a conversation about his work as a director and his experiences working with actors from different parts of Latin America in a migratory context. Finally, Christian will introduce some examples of acting techniques with students and adaptation strategies. His presentation will be in Spanish.

Tea at 1:15 p.m.

Sponsored by the Department of Spanish in conjunction with the Distinguished Visitors Program 

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