Yiddish Culture Festival

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM (ET)
CHS CHS 104 Chase Auditorium
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Tecosky-Feldman, Jeffrey

How the Bulgarian Jews Survived the Holocaust, a lecture by Dr. Joseph Benatov. In 1943, Bulgaria complied with German demands and deported nearly 11,400 Jews from occupied territories in northern Greece and Yugoslavia (Macedonia). At the same time, Bulgaria successfully resisted German pressures to deport the 50,000 Jews living in Bulgaria. Dr. Benatov will focus on the conflicting opinions about the role played by King Boris III, church officials, and politicians in the rescue of Bulgaria’s Jewish population. Joseph Benatov holds a doctorate in comparative literature from the University of Pennsylvania, where he teaches Hebrew. He has written on competing national narratives of the saving of the Bulgarian Jews during World War II; Jewish identity politics in Philip Roth’s early fiction; and the sensationalism of U.S. representations of life behind the Iron Curtain.


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